Berlin – a popular location for investors

Germany’s capital as the „paradise of low prices“ … – what could soon be over, as property prices rose by up to record-breaking 8% last year. And this despite stagnating and even falling prices in many European capitals.

In June 2011, the business magazine „Capital“ published its new „Residential/Living compass“ and analyzed the prices in the Berlin property market as related to type and location. Also, other market analysis of IBB or IVD („Housing Report“) show a significant increase in prices in Berlin and the surrounding areas.

Nevertheless, the price differences between Berlin and Paris are still serious. The German capital is more than ever an attractive destination for investors, as prices are still low compared to other German and European cities.

The infrastructure of the capital has been improved, many areas have been renovated and many new objects constructed. The constantly increasing number of visitors and the influx of people to Berlin lead to higher demand. Therefore, more and more investment is flowing into the Berlin market.

Property prices in Berlin are 3 – 4 times lower than in London or Paris

Berlin real estate prices are unbeatable. There are exposed sites with a price range of €2,800 to 3,500 per square meter. Investors and experts, who want to expand their portfolios in an established European city, are attracted by the healthy returns and long-term investment opportunities in Berlin since prices have not increased in the same way as in other European capitals. The high architectural quality as a standard in Berlin, coupled with the exceptionally good prices, has attracted a wealth of new buyers.

In Berlin, buyers would find apartments of 50 m² to 100 m² of living space for the same price for which they would just get 25m² to 45m² of living space in London or Paris.

This makes Berlin one of the most interesting places to buy property.

Berlin – cultural metropolis with many faces

The German capital is worth a journey at each season of the year. There are many things to see and experience: historic buildings, museums and a vibrant nightlife in both East and West Berlin.

For example, consider the overgrown Jewish cemetery (Jüdischer Friedhof) for a discovery trip or commute between East and West on the „Straße des 17. Juni“. Also worth visiting are the Gendarmenmarkt, one of Berlin’s most beautiful squares, and the magnificent buildings along the boulevard „Unter den Linden“. A visit to the Brandenburg Gate on Pariser Platz is a “must” of any sightseeing tour.

Haven for night owls

With over 170 museums, three opera houses and a vibrant theater scene, Berlin is also considered the cultural capital of Germany. At almost every corner you will find exhibitions, arthouse cinemas or cabarets. The German State Opera ensemble allures/attracts with well-staffed ensembles; and the Friedrichstadtpalast is the largest revue theater in Europe.

The range of possibilities to have a night out is almost endless and offers something for every taste.

At Prenzlauer Berg, after the wild years in the early 1990s, it has become quieter again, although culinarily you get your money’s worth today.

Night owls should absolutely stop by the Savigny-Platz in Charlottenburg, where quite one or the other celebrities can be found.

In Friedrichshain, particularly in the Simon-Dach-Straße, as well as in Kreuzberg, young people join up in the many small pubs and clubs.

Exclusive restaurants and elegant bars you can find on the Gendarmenmarkt.

And those who reckon themselves as super-trendy in Berlin dance the tango.

Beyond the city bustle

For many surprising Berlin also features various opportunities for recreation in the countryside and on or near the water. It is for sure: Berlin is one of the greenest cities in Germany – just a third of the city’s area is built-up.

And what many do not know… – Berlin has the largest domestic shipping area of Europe.

Well-known are Tiergarten or Grunewald. But who knows Volkspark, Friedrichshain and Tegeler Forst? The best way to explore the rambling parks or forests like Grunewald or the former border strip is by bicycle. Basically, all parts of the metropolis are suitable for bicycle, for example in combination with the S- or U-Bahn. Who’s afraid for their bike, or do not want to pedal by themselves, could let a bike-taxi chauffeur them through the most beautiful areas of the city. A 30 minutes ride costs about 19 €.


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